Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mill Meadows maze idea dubbed ‘lunacy’ - Henley Standard

Mill Meadows maze idea dubbed ‘lunacy’

A MAZE could be created in Mill Meadows in Henley. It would have waist-high hedges and notice boards with information about the meadows, which are popular with visitors, and other places of interest in town.

On Tuesday, members of the town council’s recreation and amenities committee agreed to investigate the proposal and consider reinstating the putting green. Councillor Elizabeth Hodgkin called the maze a “lovely idea”.

“This could be one thought for celebrating the Queen’s jubilee,” she said.

But Councillor Barry Wood said the maze would just be a case of “filling spaces” and claimed that the council had previously used Mill Meadows for “dumping things”.

He said: “A maze is lunacy — it would be blocking an open space. I would like to see more open space and keep the ambience of Mill Meadows.”

Cllr Hodgkin responded: “The maze would not be built on the meadow but on a more feasible area.

“This particular space has been very difficult for us. We have tried a number of things such as a putting green there but it didn’t go well. Then we tried a picnic area but that didn’t go well either.

“I propose carrying out further investigation because it is worthy of it.”

Her proposal was seconded by Mayor Jeni Wood and passed by three votes to one with one abstention.

An earlier proposal to put a maze in Marsh Meadows was rejected by town councillors following an objection from Paul Mainds, chief executive of the River and Rowing Museum, and because it was an inappropriate location.

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